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          【時間:2020-09-25】【文案來源:wenan9.cn 】 【作者:文案狗】 【閱讀:225次 】


            if we have a book ,we will not be felling of being longly


            When I`m free or in trouble, I always take out a book and read quietly. In no time, I`ve put my heart into it so that I`ll forget all the troubles. It`s in this way that I`ve formed the habit of reading in any time.


            Little boys as I was, I was interest in picture books and storybooks. I was struck by them. No sooner had I entered the middle school than I began to read novel, plays, essays and so on. I found I could get much from them. Little by little I took great interest in literature and last term I won the first prize in the composition contest among middle-school students in Zhe Jiang.



            Reading “The Emperor`s New Clothes”, I had to let out a burst of laughter over his fool. “The Little Match Girl” couldn`t keep me from crying for her misery. “ Robinson Crusoe” took me into a strange world full of danger. And I was also deeply impressed by Helen Keller`s patience and perseverance… Besides these, books also tell me other thing -how to be a man and how to tell the difference between right and wrong. In a word, good books can make me know what I didn`t before. So I think of a good book as my best friend.


            I`ll never forget this famous saying,“ Good books are best friends who never turn their backs upon us.”


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